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SUCHITA (like the cheetah)
"The Judgemental One"


Reporter: Hi Suchita, how are you today?

Suchita: Meh.

Reporter: Okay... Well tell me about yourself, what do you do in your spare time?

Suchita: Stuff.

Reporter: What are your aspirations?

Suchita: To finish this interview.

Reporter: Umm... okay. Why did you join this project?

Suchita: To get away from you.

Reporter: We don't even know each other!

Suchita: Exactly.

Reporter: What? that doesnt even make sense?!

Suchita: Meh.

Reporter: You know what, I am done... I graduated from Yale. I don't deserve this! I quit!

Suchita: K.



KARINA (Hurricane Katrina)
"The Weird One"

Reporter: How are you today on this fine afternoon?

Karina: Good, I guess.

Reporter: What a boring answer. Would you rather be an elephant who only eats human hair or a
raccoon who always gets chased but never caught?

Karina: Both. Well, I'm already both so...

Reporter: What are your aspirations?

Karina: Well, I'm going to build a Baymax robot and with this robot, I want to go to Stanford,
but not Columbia 'cause I'm not going to get in to that.

Reporter: But isn't Stanford harder to get into than Columbia?

Karina: I don't know man. Columbia is pretty hard to get into.

Reporter: Why did you decide to join this project?

Karina: I had nothing better to do. I'm just kidding. Because Malala would be proud.

Reporter: Okay bye. I'm done. My fingers are tired from typing.



ELIZABETH (not Emily)
"The Amazing One"

Reporter: Last but not least Elizabeth... if that's even your real name?

Elizabeth: It is my real name... I dont think that qualifies as a question. Um can we get a actual reporter in here?

Reporter: I'm so sorry. Please don't fire me! I promise I will not ask again!

Elizabeth: Okay fine, I will give you another chance.

Reporter: What are your aspirations?

Elizabeth: I want to be a monk in a temple like kevjumba... It's relaxing, don't you want to be one?

Reporter: Why did you join this project?

Elizabeth: I have no life.

Reporter: Why don't you have one?

Elizabeth: Because... because... because I don't know. Good question.

Reporter: What do you do in your free time?

Elizabeth: In percentages, I would say I sleep 50% of the time. No wait, more like 40% because I'm sleep deprived lately, then 10% crying 'cause I don't have a life, 30% percent avoiding Karina and 5% wanting to be monk and the rest would be eating.

Reporter: Okay the last question of today that everyone is dying to know... is Elizabeth your real name?

Elizabeth: Okay this interview is done you're fired. Someone get this kid out of here.

Reporter: Okay it was nice meeting you Emily.

Elizabeth: For the last time that is not my name!